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Above the belt

. Our fast and effective waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth.

We use a creme wax with the simplest ingredients such as, cocoa seed extract, safflower seed oil, and fragrance. 

This makes this a great wax for not just sensitive skin, but for those who look for a gentler waxing experience.

The great thing about this creme wax is that the heat is at a much lower temperature than reg waxes. So if you find that the waxes are too hot when you applied in the past then treat your skin and try this creme wax for a more comfortable experience.


The Brows
$12 / 15 min.
middle, under, tops + trimming!


The Lip
$12 / 10 min.
for those who wax their ‘stash.

The Chin
$12 / 10 min.
for those with unwanted chinny chin chin hairs.

The Full Face
$40 / 25 min.
all off! full brows, lip, chin + sides of face.

The Sides of Face
$15 / 10 min.
just like it says!