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Milk_shake energizing blend shampoo is for fine, thinning and fragile hair, cleanses deeply but gently while respecting the scalp and hair. 200 mls

Energizing Blend Shampoo

Excluding GST/HST
  • The natural powers in organic rosemary, sage and fioravanti balm extract purifies hair while stimulating the scalp’s micro-circulation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth. The blend of botanical extracts and special conditioners invigorates the hair stem and gives softness. Panthenol provides more density to the hair, and essential oils and eucalyptus instil a pleasant energizing feeling, leaving the scalp refreshed.

    The innovative formula in milk_shake energizing blend shampoo contains:

    • Organic rosemary, known for its energizing properties, to stimulate follicles to help natural hair growth and promote the oxygenation of tissues. Has a tonic, antiseptic and purifying effect.
    • Organic sage, with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and deodorizing functions.
    • Fioravanti balm, a potion obtained from 10 different plants that all have unique refreshing, stimulating and toning properties.
    • Naturally-derived glycerine for moisturizing, hydrating and adding volume to hair.
    • eucalyptus for a refreshing, toning, protecting and soothing action.
    • Panthenol pro vitamin B5, for a densifying, hydrating and conditioning action.
    • A mix of 11 essential oils, giving a natural scent and energizing, stimulating and purifying properties
    • Vitamin E for an energizing, antioxidant and revitalizing action.
    • No SLS/SLES.
    • No parabens. 

    Use: Apply on wet scalp and hair, gently massage applying a slight pressure using the fingertips in a circular motion to enhance the micro-circulation. Rinse and proceed with the most suitable energizing treatment. 

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