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milk_shake Glistening Serum eliminates frizz during and after styling and protects hair from heat and styling tools. 150mls

No Frizz Glistening Serum

Excluding GST/HST
  •  Milk_shake glistening serum smooths the hair cuticle, adding extreme shine.

    Date seed extract creates a protective barrier on hair shaft, adding smoothness and structure, eliminating frizz

    Crambe abyssinian oil creates a protective barrier on hair shaft, conferring lubrication, improves comb-ability, sealing hydration into hair, eliminating frizz. High temperature resistance, allowing a safe use when using thermal styling tools

    use glistening milk:

    • to eliminate frizz
    • for soft and shiny hair
    • give hair hydration
    • give manageability 
    • protect hair from styling tools
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