Let your blonde hair shine with Sweet Camomile Leave In Conditioner
This has been specifically formulated to condition natural or slightly dry hair, and to give greater manageability to the hair after the application of conditioners or rinse treatment. 

Its formula combines organic camomile extract, renowned for its lightening and softening properties, and organic honey, prized for its nourishing properties.

Milk_Shake Sweet Camomile Leave In Conditioner 300ml

C$27.00 Regular Price
C$19.00Sale Price
  • Active ingredients:

    Apricot extract, aloe vera juice, organic camomile flower extract, Integrity 41® (hydroglycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols), organic honey, papaya extract. 


    Spray evenly over clean, damp hair. Do not rinse.

  • If you are not truly satisfied with this product, please return to salon for full refund.



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