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Welcome to B R U S H, your premier and friendly Hair bar & beauty lounge located in Beamsville, Ont. We provide a variety of services and products, including blow outs, lash extensions, hair styling,  hair extension's and 12 hour long wear makeup applications.


Basic Facial  $60   Our basic facial cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns with a custom mask. It rejuvenates faces and pampers clients.

Collagen Anti-Aging Facial  $110    Collagen Anti-Aging Facial is for people want to fight the effects of aging on the skin. As we get older our skin loses elasticity which can cause wrinkles and sagging. Anti-aging treatments combat the appearance of wrinkles, nourish skin and replace the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy younger glow.

Deep Cleansing Facial   $110   When it comes to oily skin its all about genetics. Controlling oiliness and maintaining a matte finish. Overactive sebaceous glands are the culprit of oily skin. This condition isn't just for teens oiliness can be triggered by genetics and hormone fluctuations making even adults susceptible to excess oiliness and shine.

Signature Vitamin C Facial   $110   Our Orange Peel Facial is a wonderful treatment to lighten freckles, dark spots, age spots and even out blotchiness of hyper-pigmentation due to hormone imbalance, sun and environmental exposure. An excellent treatment before special occasions such as weddings or an evening out.