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When you arrive at BRUSH you’ll immediately experience a sense of comfort. We designed our space to feel like home so relax into it. You will be presented with a lightweight robe to put on while you are waiting for your stylist.  

Arriving to your appointment a tad early will allow you time to enjoy one of our many beverages including coffee, tea, sparkling water,  vanilla iced coffee or a refreshing distilled refreshing Mocktail!



We believe that the consultation process is the most important part of our service. You have to know where you’re headed to know how to get there which is why we take the time to listen.

We don’t want to just know what you want; we want to understand what you NEED, what would make you smile ear to ear and feel like a million bucks!

As professionals, we will direct your journey with realistic expectations. We will plan all services according to your timeframe, budget, and hair health as well as suggest a maintenance schedule and how to style your new mane at home. The integrity of your hair is important to us which is why we also offer the most luxurious + technologically advanced treatments + at home care.


Once we have a detailed plan for your new look we will get to work with formulating your custom color. Every stage of your service will be thoughtfully planned and executed according to your desired result.

Once your color is applied, please enjoy our processing lounge with a good magazine, beverage, and some rest.

Next you will head over to our luxurious shampoo beds (yes you heard that right, BED) for a stimulating scalp massage. Don’t forget to ask about our MILKSHAKE INTEGRITY treatment!


WE guarantee the perfect prescription for your mane.

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